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"I wanted to thank you guys for all of the love and the support that you have given me over these years. I am always just blown away by the wonderful acts of generosity, and I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever shown their kindness with me, with my projects, and I think created an interesting little community of people. Just sending a lot of love out to all of you. Thank you so much!"

Stana is so cool!!

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People’s Choice Awards (@peopleschoice) 2014 Nominee Selections Vote @NathanFillion, @Stana_Katic, @Castle_ABC, Castle & Beckett, Ryan & Esposito, Beckett & Lanie

Nice work! Vote!!

#PCA2014Nominations: Stana, Nathan, Castle et al.

All the votes for #StanaKatic please. :)

I can say that because she has not won yet, ok? Don’t be hating! :)

Can we get some support from all the #Stanatics out there to first nominate Stana here (voting continues til Oct 31st for nominations):

And on November 5th, don’t just vote til your fingers hurt…get creative, get resourceful, use every computer in your house if you have to and get to voting for Stana…let’s make 2014 the year for Stana, Nathan and Castle&Beckett and then we can truly say we have resoundingly put the Moonlighting curse to rest for good! Do you need more motivation than that?!! :) For Lovers Only: Stana Katic, Mark Polish, Michael Polish, Sean King O'Grady: Movies & TV

*Insert appropriate/inappropriate fangirlish squeal here* :)

It’s too bad I cannot watch this because of my geographic location…but happy for those who can.

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